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Only difficult sudokus

The game only has sudokus with 17 clues. This is believed to be the minimum, which should make them quite difficult. Some of them are really (really!) hard. We have almost 50.000 sudokus. So if you 'd solve 1 each day, it would take you longer then 130 years to solve them all...


How to play the sudoku game

To start the game, simply click 'new'. If you want to add a number to a square first click the square and then the number. You can add multiple numbers per square to keep track of the possibilities. If you want to delete a number, just click the square and then click the number you want to remove.


Free e-book with sudokus and solutions

If you like to solve sudokus on paper, don't hesitate to ask us for the free e-book. Just e-mail us, and we'll send you a pdf-file with 100 sudokus and solutions. Click here for the free e-book.


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